Alessandro Marchioro

CEO @ Goldmark Solutions


Verona, Italy


ITI Marconi, Verona
TLC & Software Development
Graduation Score: 95/100


PyTorch, OpenCV, Multiprocessing, Pillow, Nuitka
Arch Linux, UFW, Nginx, IOMMU, Bare Metal VMs
Authentication, Styling, Scheduling, Automation, Profilation, Mobile
Custom Images, Docker Compose, Automation, Volumes, Optimization, Security


Mother tongue
CEFR Level (uncertified): C1


Trips around the globe, Music, Concerts, Art, Coding, TV Series, Video Making, LEGO building, Reading & Writing


Results-driven freelance software developer specialized in Python, Laravel, Docker, and Linux. Offering consultancy services to small to medium-sized companies in Verona, Italy, and remotely. Proficient in developing cutting-edge solutions in robot automation, computer vision, machine learning, and SaaS for businesses. Proven ability to understand complex requirements and deliver tailored software solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and driving business growth for clients. Skilled in collaborating with diverse teams, consistently delivering high-quality code within project timelines.


Freelance Software Developer @ Goldmark Solutions - SELF-EMPLOYED

August 2021 - Present [2 years 4 months]
Python - Laravel - Docker - PyTorch - OpenCV - MySQL - Linux - Redis - C# - SQL Server - Proxmox - VMware ESXi - KVM - PCIe-Passthrough

- Experienced in developing customized software solutions, including SaaS platforms and scalable infrastructures. Skilled in maintaining and upgrading systems for optimal performance. - Expertise in automation infrastructure using robotic arms, cameras, computer vision, and efficient processing techniques. Utilizes cutting-edge technologies to streamline processes and enhance productivity. - Proficient in hybrid mobile development for Android and iOS platforms. Uses cross-platform frameworks to create robust and user-friendly applications that meet clients' needs.

Software Developer & DevOps @ Avelia MioIndirizzo S.r.l - EMPLOYED

June 2020 - June 2021 [1 year]
Python - Laravel - Docker - MySQL - Linux - Redis - SQL Server - Proxmox - VMware ESXi - KVM - Cordova

- Hired as the first internal software developer at a medium-sized ISP company, responsible for building the entire internal software infrastructure and systems. - Collaborated with non-technical colleagues to develop an integrated ERP system from scratch, automating various processes such as lead management, client statistics, invoicing, catalogues, ticketing system, and network monitoring. - Implemented open-source software extensively, utilizing Linux systems and latest technologies to enhance development workflow, management quality, and security. - Assumed responsibilities as the head of analysis, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance of hardware and software infrastructure. - Managed cloud virtual machines and appliances for major clients, ensuring smooth operation and suggesting improvements.

Mobile Software Developer @ Infogestweb S.r.l - EMPLOYED

July 2018 - November 2019 [1 year 4 months]
Python - Laravel - Docker - MySQL - Linux - Redis - SQL Server - Proxmox - VMware ESXi - KVM - Cordova - Kotlin - Swift

- Joined a leading European company specializing in Tachograph file backup and analysis. - Collaborated in a team of six to develop Golia, a SaaS product providing fleet owners with analytical data for route expedition organization, traffic control, fines cost optimization, and driver care & wellbeing. - Focused on backend development, optimized the database, managed HTTP REST APIs, and utilized PyTorch for machine learning models. - Implemented Git and SVN for efficient development organization. - Undertook a side project to develop hybrid mobile applications for Android and iOS integrating APIs from Wolkswagen's TruckParkingEurope service.


3D Modeling for Jewelry & 3D Wax-Based Printing Expert @ La Bottega dell'Orafo - Verona - SELF EMPLOYED

March 2022 - Present [1 year 9 months]
Shapr3D - Rhinoceros - Nomad Sculpt - Chitubox - BlueCast X-One/X5/X10 - DLP - MONO - Lost-Wax Casting - Centrifugal & Vacuum Injection

Highly skilled and passionate 3D Modeling professional with expertise in jewelry design and 3D wax-based printing. Offering extensive experience in creating intricate and precise 3D models for jewelry pieces. Proficient in utilizing industry-standard software and technologies to bring unique designs to life. I am excited to contribute my expertise in 3D modeling and wax-based printing to support the creation of exquisite and unique jewelry pieces. Dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and collaborating closely with the team to meet clients' specific requirements and expectations. Key Skills: - Jewelry Design - 3D Modeling - Wax-Based Resin 3D Printing - Collaboration and Communication - Attention to Detail - Adaptability and Creativity

Machine Learning Student @ WebValley - FBK Fondazione Bruno Kessler (TN, Italy)

June 2017 - July 2017 [3 weeks]
Python - ScikitLearn - PyTorch - Tensorflow - CUDA Programming - Deep Learning & Machine Learning

Attended the FBK summer school in which, during 3 weeks, we learned a lot about machine learning and deep learning techniques, both in theory and practice by building a classificator of fruit's quality for material usage differentiation and selling via image analysis and classification.

Speaker @ PyCon Italia 2018

May 2018
PyGame - Teaching - The importance of Having Fun - Q&A

Me and Ing. Maurizio Boscaini held a talk about the project Sviluppare Videogiochi con Python, and presented the journey of teaching coding to kids with the help of "gamification" on learning new subjects. The talk is available at this link: Talk's material is available here:

Teacher @ Sviluppare Videogiochi con Python - ITI Marconi Verona - EMPLOYED

April 2018 - June 2018 [3 months]
Teaching - Helping Students - Cool Projects for Students to learn - PyGame - Python - Computer Graphics

Organized with teacher Ing. Maurizio Boscaini this project, which consists of teaching game software development to students during evening hours. It consisted in 16 hours of hands-on game development classes in which we developed various games raging from Pong (easy) to Frogger (medium) to Super Mario Bros (advanced). We learnt about sprites, music, gravity, the importance of time and synchronization, processing and general clean tidyness. The course's repository is available here at this link:

Teacher @ Progetto Insieme - ITI Marconi Verona - EMPLOYED

September 2015 - June 2018 [2 years 9 months]
Project Organisation - Teaching - Helping Students - PHP - Python - SaaS

Helped organizing (and teaching for) the whole Progetto Insieme project, which consists of students helping other students with difficult subjects. It was usually suggested by teachers to students raging from 1st to 5th year with grades not on par with what was expected from them. I helped with the organization of timetable schedule with the help of Python programming for automatic scheduling of availability of student-teachers and students. I developed a SaaS platform hosted inside the organization for connecting students and timetables, and helping families see what is going on with their kids' grades and assignments on the project.

Students' School Representative @ ITI Marconi Verona

September 2015 - June 2018 [2 years 9 months]
Project Organisation - Organizing Activities for Marconi Day - Communication with Teachers and the Headmaster

Organized and helped students have the best possible communication channel with teachers and the headmaster during these 3 years as a Students' School Representative. Helped organizing Marconi Day, a day at school in which we did all sorts of activities for students, by students, raging from tea, to chess, to LAN parties, basket and football tournaments, films and so on.